Image courtesy: Pfc. David Hauk, U.S. Army. Kandahar, Afghanistan, November 12, 2009

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Reports: 2 U.S. troops abducted, 5 killed

Early Saturday morning, NATO's International Security Assistance Force released a statement announcing that two coalition servicemembers had gone missing south of Kabul. Officials said "the unit dispatched vehicles and rotary-winged assets to search for them and their vehicle, and the search is ongoing."

Saturday afternoon, CNN, citing Afghan security officials, reported that the missing troops are Americans abducted from Logar province. The Associated Press later reported that the missing troops are U.S. Navy personnel. As noted by NATO, both servicemembers did not return to their Kabul city compound after leaving Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile, NATO also announced that five coalition troops were killed in two bombings in southern Afghanistan. According to a report in The Los Angeles Times, U.S. military officials said the fallen volunteer warriors are Americans.

As many of us unwind after a long week of work, let's make sure to keep our troops and their families in our hearts. As you visit with friends and neighbors over the weekend, tell them about Saturday's important developments in Afghanistan. While praying for the safety of our men and women in uniform, our nation must regain its focus. Osama bin Laden is at large, as the United States and its allies remain under a constant threat of terrorism. We must prevail.

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