Image courtesy: Pfc. David Hauk, U.S. Army. Kandahar, Afghanistan, November 12, 2009

Thursday, April 12, 2012

For Future Generations

Image courtesy: Nick Rozanski Memorial Fund

Capt. Nicholas Rozanski, 36, was one of three Ohio National Guard soldiers killed on Apr. 4 in Afghanistan's Faryab province.

Along with Master Sgt. Jeffrey Rieck, 45, of Columbus, and Master Sgt. Shawn Hannon, 44, of Grove City, Capt. Rozanski, who is from Dublin, made the ultimate sacrifice when terrorists attacked his unit with a suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive device.

As the state of Ohio mourns these devastating tragedies, including the death of Army Staff Sgt. Christopher Brown, 26, of Columbus, who was killed in action the previous day in Kunar province, the family of Capt. Rozanski has quickly and selflessly set up a memorial fund that will be used to fund scholarships for children in the Dublin community.

"The scholarship will enable future generations of young, courageous men and women like Nick Rozanski to follow their dreams," the website says.

Please consider contributing to this memorial fund while keeping the Rozanski, Rieck, Hannon, Brown, and families of all our fallen heroes in your thoughts and prayers. Because after all, the brave men and women of our military are all part of one big family to which we also belong: the United States of America.

"Nick, a graduate of Dublin Coffman High School and The Ohio State University, was an amazing father, husband, son, brother & friend to all who knew him," the website says.

You can contribute to the Nick Rozanski Memorial Fund by donating here or by sending a check to this address:

Nick Rozanski Memorial Fund
2095 Kentwell Rd
Columbus, OH 43221

Image courtesy: Ohio National Guard


  1. First, let me add my comment of support for our military service volunteers and especially for those who give their all for our often ungrateful and thoughtless benefit, and their beloved family and friends who support them at great personal sacrifice.

    I was delighted to find your blog by way of Drudge. I have been trying to leave a comment of support for two days, literally. I first tried using my Open ID and was shown a bizarre error red bar saying something like I don't have an Open ID account--while I was logged in to my account on a separate tab. No work-arounds prevailed. Today I decided to try my WordPress account. I logged in to it first in a separate tab. Your blog comment area shows me new errors so I try other work-arounds. Obviously, I finally figured it out. Because both Open ID and WordPress offer free IDs, they offer no support for commenters. A friendly suggestion, if I may: provide an email address for commenters to give you the heads up?

    Again, thank you for your blog and for supporting our super-citizens too.

  2. Thank you for reading my blog and supporting our troops. I'm sorry you had trouble commenting. You can find my e-mail address contained in the link in the "About Me" section on the top-left. I don't post the address itself to prevent automated spam.