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Sunday, April 4, 2010

A humble request to all readers

As I wrote in my second post on this website back in December, I believe the extraordinary sacrifices being made by the men and women in our military deserve consistent attention, which the American media is mostly failing to provide the public. Thanks to the honorable service of U.S. troops and your interest in their accomplishments, The Unknown Soldiers has been nominated for a 2010 MilBloggies award. Winners will be formally announced at the 5th Annual MilBlog Conference, which is being held this weekend in Arlington, Virginia.

This honor is not about a trophy and certainly not about me. It's about the public recognizing that America is a nation at war and that thousands of troops and military families are doing incredible things that we don't hear or read enough about in 2010. It is in this humble spirit that I ask for your vote in the final round, which began Sunday morning and ends Wednesday evening. The four additional nominees in the U.S. Reporter category are all exceptional websites and I urge you to visit all of them. If you feel one is more deserving of this year's award, then by all means please vote for it. In the end, we are all on the same team.

If you would like to vote for The Unknown Soldiers, here are instructions:

1. Go to and click "Not a member? Register Now" to create an account.
2. Check your e-mail and click on the link the site will send you. You will only have to do this once, and the site will not send you any spam.
3. Log in to your new account on the upper right of the Milblogging site.
4. Search on the upper left for my blog, The Unknown Soldiers.
5. Click on my blog's profile, then click "vote here" next to the red update message.
6. Click on the U.S. Reporter category.
7. Check off The Unknown Soldiers and hit submit!

You can monitor the standings, which right now are very close. Your vote, and continued support of this website and all blogs that support our military, are greatly appreciated.

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